Welcome to our website. We hope to help as many fur families as we can & eventually grow to become global. There are far to many animals in shelters & rescues that could stay with their loving human families if shelters & rescues would simply help get the family help with assistance like ours. However that cuts into their financial growth so why refer families to services.

We intend to push for ALL animal facilities to provide their community with our & others like us information packets & refer them us to help keep pets at home. Everyday hundreds of animals are killed unnecessarily in shelters that could still be with family. Surrenders, & senseless killing can easily be prevented with programs like ours. Corrupt shelters, & rescues will also no longer to be able to use excuses to illegally seize pets, their corruption, abuse, & murder of animals will end.

To help as many as we can we will be fundraising, applying for grants, & loans, will partner with investors, & sell merchandise to raise as much funds as possible to help as many fur families that it will cover. Every single penny will only go to these services & nothing else.

This program was started because we are tired of seeing loving pets illegally taken to flip, surrendered by struggling family, & senselessly killed in shelters everyday.