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Our Services

Food and Pet Supply Assistance

If you are unable to afford food and/or pet supplies for your pet we can help. Some of the items we can help with include.

  •  Dog or cat food. (and hay for horses)
  •  Cat litter.
  •  Puppy training pads.
  •  Leashes, collars and other pet related items.

Legal Services

If you are needing legal assistance with animal control problems, ownership disputes, dog bite issues, or other pet related legal issues we may be able to provide some financial assistance.

Medical Care

If you are in need of emergency medical help for your pet and are unable to cover the cost we may be able to help. Some of the medical fees we can help cover the costs for include.

  •  Emergency veterinary visits
  •  Vaccinations
  •  Spay and neuter
  •  Medication (such as flea and heartworm medication, antibiotics)
  •  Surgery

Housing Assistance

If you are needing a mediator with landlord pet issues we may be able to provide some help. If you are currently homeless or about to become homeless we can also help with temporary boarding fee’s for pets, and maybe more as we get more funding.