To help better serve more families, while making it easier to expand across the entire united states, we are in the process of getting contracts with retail stores for food donations as well as discounts. During talks we’ve found out many stores are looking to find different charities to help serve. With our program, we have it set up to where families can go into approved stores and pick up an entire bag of food, ect with ID and proof of our help. This shows the actual families and communities are being served, and they get fresh un-opened full bags of food. Some agencies we’ve found only give families a small portion of food to last 1 or 2 days, we want families to have an entire bag. This will also help ensure that food is more fresh and cannot be contaminated after bags are opened to make pets sick. We will not use dog food brands such as Purina that have been making pets sick and killing others. We hope to expand even further and partner with more to help better serve families with their fur kids.