dog-foodSudden pet illnesses, deaths: What’s going on with Purina pet food?

Seattle Pets Examiner spoke with Keith Schopp, Purina’s Vice President of Corporate Public Relations, this morning to discuss Purina’s pet food products.

Mr. Schopp stated: “There’s nothing going on at Purina – other than we’re continuing to feed quality products. Consumers can continue to feed our product with complete confidence.

“We take all consumer contact seriously. Top quality is always our main priority. We welcome feedback and we encourage consumers – if they have any questions – they can always contact our office of consumer affairs.

“Millions of happy, healthy dogs and cats enjoy our products every day. From time to time, there’s misleading information online. We want pet owners to rely on information from veterinarians and the FDA – and to contact the company if they have concerns.”

When asked about the origin of Purina’s ingredients, Schopp stated: “The vast majority of the ingredients come from the U.S. The ingredients are local and they’re close to where our processing plants are located.”

He added: “I understand. I’m a pet owner myself – I have four dogs.”

Interestingly, the ConsumerAffairs website does not list any pet food company above two stars – including Hill’s Science Diet, IAMS, or Pedigree.

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A recent rash of consumer complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com has pet owners asking: What’s going on with Purina food?

On Nov. 9, Jennifer from Nashua, New Hampshire wrote:

I bought my cat a new bag of Purina cat chow indoor formula last night. 20 minutes after feeding him from the new bag he was vomiting blood, foaming at the mouth, voiding his bladder and thrashing around the house. We left for the vet within minutes but it didn’t matter. He died in my daughter’s arms on the way to the vet.

It was only after I got home and calmed down a little, I kept saying to myself, ‘He was fine, I just fed him. He was fine, I JUST FED HIM…’ That’s when I started looking online and found NUMEROUS recent stories that all read the same as mine, about the same cat food all within the last week. What the hell is this?? My cat is dead!! You’d think they would have pulled it after the first few pets have died.

I am a veterinary technician and I have never seen anything like this before. It was the worst thing I’ve ever had to witness. When I got home with our boy I took blood and saliva samples to have tested. A VERY good friend of mine is a chemist so I will be having the food and the bag itself analyzed.

On Nov. 2, Lynn from Woodstock, Georgia wrote:

I purchased the large bag of Purina Cat Chow Complete. Says it is new shape same taste. My cat became very sick and started vomiting after feeding for a couple of days. I gave it to my daughter thinking it was just my cat but her cat became sick and started vomiting also. I am going to throw it away – but I thought someone should be aware of it.

On Oct. 29, Margaret from Cleveland, Tennessee wrote:

My cat was given a bowl of salmon pate. My daughter heard a crunch sound and the cat refused to eat. Blood came out of her mouth. She wasn’t able to walk or move. She threw up and couldn’t move out of the vomit. She was paralyzed and died soon after. She was in perfect form before she ate. My heart and my kids will never be the same. You are putting hazardous products in your food to feed our pets. These products are even harmful to the environment. You know this and have made profit from death and misery! We demand changes and compensation. I have contacted local media who are aware of this and the truth will always stand. Sincerely Heartbroken.

On Oct. 27, Heather from Henderson, Nevada stated:

As I was feeding my dog her lunch today, I noticed worm looking type critters in a web/cocoon looking thing! They had made their nests inside her Purina One, Lamb and Rice!!!

I called the company and the woman I spoke with says it’s normal and they will send me a voucher to purchase a new bag.

So what’s going on with Purina food? As of this writing, there are currently 783 complaints about Purina on the ConsumerAffairs website. Has one of your pets had a negative experience recently with a Purina product? Please comment below.

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