1389123365645 We are currently down to revamp how we are ran. There’s obviously a lot of individuals who wish to stop people like us from helping pet owners, simply because our program takes money out of corrupt shelters/rescues pockets by helping families. However, I’m not one to let anyone stop me from helping animals and have came up with a new and improved way to run and help families where the constant hacking of our website will no longer stop anything. Jokes on you animal haters, animals and families are winning.


One change is the first time a family asks for help, no information besides a photo ID is required, and it’s not needed except when picking up dog or cat food, litter, or things of those sort from whatever store. Names will be kept and if a family needs help again, then an application will need filed out, and information verified.

Help with medical bills ect will still go straight to the vet providing the services, same as attorney fee’s.

Because there are hackers we are changing everything so that no money goes through us so that nothing can be hacked and stolen.

So on that note we are looking for individuals who wish to help families in need that can go online to Walmart and buy a bag of food, or whatever is needed and set it to be picked up at the local store close to the family. That way those who “donate” so to say are 100% in control of their donation and know exactly where it’s going. I will post more information on it this weekend, so if you’d like to sign up (free of course) to help families you can shoot me an email over to info@pawsitivehome.com and I will get you that information.

For now, I hope everyone has a good weekend.