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Changes Coming

 We are currently down to revamp how we are ran. There’s obviously a lot of individuals who wish to stop people like us from helping pet owners, simply because our program takes money out of corrupt shelters/rescues pockets by helping families. However, I’m not one to let anyone stop me from helping animals and have […]

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Halo, Purely for Pets

Halo, Purely for Pets has initiated a limited, voluntary recall of its Spot’s Stew Sensitive Cat Turkey kibble with a Best By date of 09/04/2016 due to reports of mold. No other Halo products are affected. Consumers who have Spot’s Stew Sensitive Cat Turkey stamped “Best By 09/04/2016” should discontinue feeding, and return the remaining […]

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Retail Contracts

  To help better serve more families, while making it easier to expand across the entire united states, we are in the process of getting contracts with retail stores for food donations as well as discounts. During talks we’ve found out many stores are looking to find different charities to help serve. With our program, we […]

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Purina Warning

Sudden pet illnesses, deaths: What’s going on with Purina pet food? Seattle Pets Examiner spoke with Keith Schopp, Purina’s Vice President of Corporate Public Relations, this morning to discuss Purina’s pet food products. Mr. Schopp stated: “There’s nothing going on at Purina – other than we’re continuing to feed quality products. Consumers can continue to […]

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Email Crash Please Read

Our site has had some errors were our mail is concerned so any applications for assistance that were sent in last week were not received. We apologize for the inconvenience, and have the errors fixed. We had so much spam sent it temp crashed our email system and have upgraded so it wont happen again. If you sent […]

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Welcome to our website. We hope to help as many fur families as we can & eventually grow to become global. There are far to many animals in shelters & rescues that could stay with their loving human families if shelters & rescues would simply help get the family help with assistance like ours. However […]

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